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Our Mission

Friends of Aldredge House, a non-profit organization, has focused goals to provide long-term financial security and ongoing preservation and operational support for Aldredge House as a historic house museum. 

In partnership with the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation, the home’s owners, we offer educational programs, tours and outreach to the entire community on the benefits of historic preservation, cultural traditions, architecture and the arts.

Board of Directors

President - Melanie Vanlandingham

Parliamentarian -  Carolyn Speed

Treasurer - Michelle Manners

Secretary - Janel Wood

V.P. Membership - [OPEN]

V.P. Communications - Bob Cox

V.P. Social Media - Dr. Delva King

V.P. Education/Outreach - Julia O'Kelly

-At Large Directors -

Martha Heimberg

Marianne Howells

Director of Preservation - 

         Dr. Evelyn Montgomery

Historian - Dr. Rene Schmidt

Board of Directors

Bob Bracken

Brenda Jackson

Meredith Manak

Keith Manoy

Elizabeth Mast

Dan Patterson

Katherine Seale

FOAH Staff (pro bono)

Larry Offutt

DCMSAF Liaison

Nancy Shelton

Advisory Committee

Lindalyn Adams

Michael Alcantar

Amy Aldredge

Mark Aldredge

Ruth Altshuler

Jim Anderson

Diane & Stuart Bumpas

John Crain

Darlene Ellison

Laura Estrada

Wilson Fuqua

Dr. Robert Gunby

Dr. George Keaton, Jr.

The Hon. Veletta Forsythe Lill

Nancy McCoy

Sharon & Mike McCullough

Juanita Nunez

Debra Polsky

The Hon. Diane Ragsdale

Dr. William Seale

Dr. James L. Sweatt III

The Rev. Dr. Neil Cazares-Thomas

Rhea Wolfram

For information on Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation
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