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Support Aldredge House For Future Generations
Celebrate History & Historic Preservation

Anyone Can Support Aldredge House at any Level

Your thoughtful giving to Friends of Aldredge House, as well as your membership and volunteer efforts, support the preservation and operation of Aldredge House as a one of Dallas' most historic and architecturally significant homes in Dallas!  Your support is absolutely vital to maintaining Aldredge House as a museum home and public meeting place, being able to offer unique and educational programs, events, and Living History performances that bring history to life for the community and visitors!  We so appreciate your dedication to this mission and helping us share Aldredge House with everyone and all communities.  One-time and/or recurring donations can be made here on the website at the DONATION button below.  

Honor & Memorial Giving

You may choose to make your donation in memory of a loved one, in honor of volunteers, or as a testament to your own dedication to community advocacy and historic preservation.  Once your gift is received, the Society will send a card to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.   


Year-End Donations

Your year-end donations are especially crucial to continue programs and preservation efforts into 2022. 


Visionary Champions of Aldredge House

Visionary Champions are those who provide long term impact, helping ensure financial security of Aldredge House as a community asset by including a gift to FOAH in their will or estate plan.  Please contact us to discuss how you, your family, and/or your loved one can be recognized as a Visionary Champion.  Our email address is

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and donors receive a recognition letter for your charitable giving.  Please provide contact information along with your donation.  

We are so grateful to each of our donors who help keep history alive in Dallas! 

Thank you for your support for Aldredge House!


Thank You For Your Donation

Donations &

We are committed to the long-term financial stability of Aldredge House.   Your donations support a long-term endowment, operations of the house museum,  on-going care of the house, preservation efforts, and educational programs that share the house with the community and help bring Dallas history to life!   

Opportunities for giving also include individual and corporate sponsorship of our unique programs and festive events that highlight local and state history.  Enjoy acknowledgements of  your sponsorship at programs of your choosing.

You contact us at our email address:


Your gifts are especially critical at this time as we recover from social distancing that so severely limited our opportunities for fundraising.  We so appreciate your extra support at this time so that we can continue to help care and maintain Aldredge House!

Linda Solomon 2.jpg

Celebrating the Life

& Contributions of  

Linda Thacker Solomon

 On October 4, 2021, we lost our dear FOAH Treasurer, Linda Thacker Solomon. Not only was Linda a skilled, meticulous, and insightful board member, she was a cherished friend and neighbor whose humor, positive outlook, and no-nonsnese perspectives made her a lively, bold, breath of fresh air.


Linda's impact on her community reached far beyond her volunteer efforts and dedication to preserving and celebrating Aldredge House.   With a BS and Master of Arts degrees from TWU and Master of Science degree from Corpus Christi State, her sense of adventure took her to Guam and Hawaii where she taught English to children. 


In Dallas, she was a talented and compassionate DISD teacher working with and for deaf students and their families for 31 years, then worked at Faith Academy testing and teaching deaf children for 15 years.  She later was recognized as a member of the Oxford Round Table, which brings together scholars and others from a variety of backgrounds to discuss research on specific topics usually related to public policy. 


Linda grew up in her family home, and still resided, on Bryan Parkway. The Thacker family was one of the original founding families and supporters of Dallas' first historic neighborhood, the Swiss Avenue Historic District. She was a loved and cherished neighbor, often the first person to greet new residents, introducing them to other neighbors, and guiding them through necessary steps for renovations, and helping them navigate neighborhood politics and city requirements. She was always a highlight during countless porch gatherings. Linda was also a founding member of Friends of Aldredge House, helping to establish an endowment for Aldredge House as Dallas’ most architecturally significant historic home and house museum. 


To honor Linda's leadership within FOAH, her deep commitment to personal and professional friends and her East Dallas neighborhood, and her passion for education and historic preservation, her family encourages everyone who can to recognize her with a donation to Aldredge House, in lieu of flowers. Donations will contribute to preservation efforts and  lively educational programs that celebrate Aldredge House - and our uniquely amazing friend, Linda Solomon.  

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