Living History Performances & Open House

We hope to premier the new play as soon as possible when venues are able to re-open!  

We look forward to seeing you at Aldredge House!

Until then, stayed tuned and stay safe!! 

 Travel back in time to 1919 and meet spirited women who were ahead of their time and

ambitious men who were making their mark in early Texas.   

In full period costumes,  our Living History actors guide you on this free tour and portrayal of the early days of Dallas.  You'll learn the story of the successful West Texas rancher, Will Lewis, who commissioned the acclaimed architect, Hal Thompson, for this gorgeous French Renaissance mansion for his new debutante bride, Willie Newberry.   Hear the back story of her reaction of living in one of Dallas' most beautiful and innovative homes of its time!   


Second owner "Rena Munger Aldredge" begins the tour and welcomes you to the home her family will eventually enjoy.  You'll enjoy  "Flora" the mischievous maid, "Martha" the quirky cook, and "Jesse" the dapper chauffeur with the 1915 Packard he drives to squire the Lewis family around town.   

You'll meet our newest characters, two dynamic suffragists visiting the house during their efforts in 1919 Dallas to fight for Women's  Right to Vote.  "Dr. Leake", Willie Lewis' family physician, and "Hal Thomson", the prolific architect, also make appearances.

Join us for this unique, fun & free tour based on the words of  Mrs. Lewis through her own reflections and writings published later in life.  


Special in 2020:

Once we are able to re-open we will celebrate the

Centennial of the 19th Amendment

to the US Constitution which granted women the right to vote in all states!   


Our popular Living History program has always featured strong-willed women and men who were ahead of their time. 


NEW Expanded Play :

The program expands this drama with new characters of suffragettes and others who fought for women’s voting rights on national, Texas, and local stages.   

Following tours, participants will enjoy displays and  guest speakers leading discussions and story-telling of challenges, successes, and current roadblocks to voting rights for women, American Indians, Mexican-Americans, African Americans, and others.

The program explores the people, places, and cultural changes  in Dallas after the turn of the 20th century , the gains women made and those who met road blocks along the way.  You will hear how the Suffrage Movement  gained momentum in Dallas and Texas , and how Swiss Avenue residents made their mark on history! 

Immerse Yourself in Dallas  HISTORY !

You'll be Dazzled by the detail and preservation of this  Texas Historic Landmark and Dallas' newest House Museums, also recognized on the National Historic Register of Historic Places


Once we are able to re-open, we look forward to 1st Saturdays when

Aldredge House will again host this 'living' tour with the first personalities of this great house. 

Fun for all ages !

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